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We are a small company that has been dealing with platforms for business for a long time and for some years we have wanted to expand our knowledge thus starting a new playful path aimed at the development of video games, a sector in continuous expansion that offers great growth opportunities, of technical and artistic training, which opens our minds and makes us better from all points of view.

Sweetness Shooter
Zombie Gambol
E.R. Explosive Recovery
Basket Bin
85% Unity
68% MR
83% Code
62% Design

What we do

We create video games to entertain people all over the world.

Video games are a tool that allows us to get in touch with other universes. Thanks to the technological supports it is therefore possible to experience something that goes far beyond the real world. It's like reading an exciting book, but the same effect can be felt when listening to music or watching a movie. In the same way, through video games you can get in touch with parallel universes, but above all you can live this experience in a more engaging and personal way. Video games have this strength.


This is the list of our creations.

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